Contact Design Area

  1. Customer Support Desk
  2. Technical Service Desk
  3. Contract Agencies Support
  4. Data Communication Support
  5. Number Portability Support Desk
  6. Mobile Contents Support Desk
  7. Payment Inquiry Desk
  8. English Inquiry Desk
  9. Help Desk for Smartphone Users
  10. Internet Connection Work for Cable TV
  11. Usage Promotion and Upselling to Existing Customers
  12. Churn Prevention
  13. Optional Service Sales for Corporate Customers
  14. PC Peripherals Order Acquisition and Goods Delivery
  15. B2B Cloud Service Promotion
  16. Mystery Calling and Evaluation

Work Design Area

  1. Application Reception
  2. Registration Data Entry
  3. Deficiency Check and Amendment
  4. Direct Mailings for New Products