We will continue to evolve to contribute to our clients,
their customers, and society in the future.

Since its establishment in 1992, TMJ has been committed to providing added value through client business and achieving business goals. Our roots lie in the spin-off of the marketing department of a company. We have inherited the attitude of taking client businesses and their customers seriously and pursuing customer satisfaction. 

In October 2017, we became a member of the SECOM Group and are working towards building the "Social System Industry" that the SECOM Group advocates. This "Social System Industry" aims to create more "safe and secure" and "comfortable and convenient" systems and services for living in society, integrate and merge them, and provide them as new social systems that are indispensable to society.

TMJ's mission, as stated in its CI (Corporate Identity and Management Philosophy), shows the significance, mission, and future direction for the company to continue in society. Activities aimed at contributing to society through client businesses based on two key concepts, "unwavering dialogue" with stakeholders in all situations and "improvement power" that can be called TMJ's DNA, contribute to achieving SDGs and are a source of sustainable growth for the TMJ Group. 

We will continue to focus on creating new social, environmental, and economic value as part of our business strategy, while reducing negative impacts on society and the environment and working to improve resilience. Please continue to keep an eye on the evolving TMJ Group, which contributes to clients, their customers, and society.

Creating Client Value; Initiatives towards Social Contribution through Improving Client Value

Our Work Supports Social Infrastructure

TMJ undertakes work from various industries and serves as a contact point for our clients' customers. We are proud to be one of the social infrastructures that connects words from client customers to clients and to society, and we work hard at it every day.

In 2020, when the outbreak of COVID-19 caused significant changes in society, TMJ continued its business by promoting a basic policy for preventing COVID-19 infections and has continued to be a point of contact between client companies and their customers.

Ensuring the safety of employees is a major challenge in the COVID-19 pandemic, but under the leadership of the TMJ Disaster Response Headquarters and with the cooperation of client companies, we are paying attention and taking care of the work environment and the condition of employees to ensure a "safe" and "reliable" call center operation.

To continue to be a company that is essential to society, both TMJ and our client companies will work to "create a livable society for everyone through continuous dialogue and improvement."

We Are Working to Improve Communication
With the Elderly

In today's super-aging society, companies are forced to update their customer service skills in response to changes in their customers. Especially in non-face-to-face communication situations such as call centers, where facial expressions and gestures cannot be conveyed, it becomes more important to ensure that the content of speech is clearly understood by the other party.

However, in reality, senior customers may have difficulty hearing the voice on the phone or misunderstand the content. If the conversation becomes unnecessarily long due to hearing problems, it can lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction and a loss of sales opportunities.

Against this background, TMJ has jointly developed "Jero Talk" with Oto Designers Co., Ltd. "Jero Talk" is a tool for simulated voice simulation in which operators can check their own voice. Operators can gain insights into improving their responses by experiencing how their voices sound to "customers whose hearing has deteriorated due to aging."

We Practice the ‘Small Improvements’,
Which Is in the DNAof TMJ

We practice the "Small Improvement" activity, which is a group-based improvement initiative arranged for the service industry based on the QC circle activity commonly used in manufacturing. This improvement and award system started in 2006. Each employee acquires a systematic QC perspective and approach and works on improvement initiatives led by the field. Through this activity, we at TMJ aim to improve the value we provide to client companies and enhance our on-site and problem-solving capabilities.

  • Commitment to quantitative effects and value in addition to process improvement
  • Systematic resolution methods such as "QC methods" and "7 tools"
  • Proprietary generalization of improvement tools originating from "small improvements"
  • Sublimation into "TMJ's human development" rather than just an award system
  • Fostering improvement perspectives in teamwork and operators
  • Formation of the foundation for "problem discovery/solving capabilities" in the field
  • Company-wide deployment of good practices, improvement mechanisms, and tools
  • Real-time sharing of "improvement knowledge" through a portal
  • Deep-rooted in the field through information exchange between centers
We Are Also Implementing Sustainability Activities Overseas
(TMJP Touch)

Since 2017, TMJP, a subsidiary of TMJ, has been actively engaged in CSR activities through TMJP Touch, which aims to provide relief supplies to children who are unable to receive adequate education due to poverty.
As part of our activities, we gave Christmas presents to over 1,000 children in the Zambales and Rizal areas. We are also addressing climate change issues by conducting reforestation as one of the activities to improve the situation where droughts occur and water shortages happen.

TMJ Has Created Employment at 28 Locations Both Domestically and Overseas.

This includes 27 locations in Japan, as well as overseas subsidiaries. (As of August 2022) We collaborate with various countries and local governments at each location to contribute to regional revitalization and employment creation.

We Prioritize “Continuous Dialogue” Even In New Graduate Recruitment,

In our recruitment activities, we conduct "unwavering dialogue" in line with TMJ's mission, vision, and values to deepen mutual understanding. We have received many comments from applicants such as "I felt that I was given a thorough response" and "I thought it was a company that values people." By engaging in dialogue with each applicant, we aim for them to get to know TMJ and for TMJ to get to know the applicants. By gaining a good understanding of each other, we can conduct recruitment activities that are beneficial for both parties.

We Are Engaged in Environmental Beautification Activities.

Through picking up litter, we are working to beautify the local environment. In Sapporo, we participate in an event called "SpoGOMI" and compete with local businesses. In Kumamoto, we conduct litter picking as a volunteer activity every other week. As we gain support for our activities, the circle of participation in these activities is expanding to include people from other tenants in our building and also our client companies.

“with your style”
to Create a Society where Colleagues can Work Together and Live Sustainably.

Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

At TMJ, we value and respect diversity. In this era of rapid technological advancements and diversifying needs of clients and consumers, we are committed to providing equal opportunities and support to our employees regardless of their gender, age, nationality, disabilities, sexual orientation, values, or work styles. We aim to create a culture that recognizes and respects differences in work styles, which is commonly referred to as "Diversity & Inclusion," and supports and encourages each other.

The demand for "Diversity & Inclusion" from society reflects the current social situation, such as population decline and the COVID-19 pandemic, and is rapidly expanding.

In 2018, TMJ established a Work-Life Balance Promotion Department as part of our efforts to improve work styles, reducing overtime and promoting women's participation in the workforce.
To further accelerate these activities, we established a Diversity Promotion Department in 2021. We are actively promoting initiatives that fully utilize the abilities of diverse talents to maximize our company's performance.

Creating a Culture Where Everyone Can Thrive

At TMJ, our colleagues come from a wide range of ages, from 18-year-olds who have just graduated from high school to those in their 70s who pursue their dreams while working night shifts, and those who balance childcare or taking care of their grandchildren with work. We work in an environment where it is natural that people have different lifestyles, work styles, and values.

In an internal survey on TMJ's strengths, the top answer given by employees was their good qualities, such as sincerity, earnestness, perseverance, and solidarity. Perhaps it is the culture of respecting each other, which we have nurtured for a long time, that contributes to the ease of working at TMJ. We will continue to promote initiatives that support the working environment of diverse employees through environmental improvements and system enhancements.

Engaging in "Continuous Dialogue"

As a company whose core business is dialogue, we at TMJ value dialogue above all else. To further promote a culture of valuing dialogue within the organization, we have been learning coaching-type management concepts and skills, primarily among the management and supervisory staff, and creating many opportunities for dialogue, such as 1-on-1 meetings.

In addition, we plan online CI permeation activities, various exchange events, and other events to ensure that dialogue continues even during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are promoting initiatives to keep employees across the country connected.

Creating an Environment Where Anyone Can Challenge Themselves to Grow

At TMJ, we have the specialist talent development and training institution "TMJ University," which offers over 80 individual training programs for staff working in call centers and back office centers. Our efforts to strengthen our training programs, from their construction to their permeation and establishment within the company, are carried out by a collaboration of the field and education departments.

We have received high evaluation not only from within the company but also from customers who use TMJ. In particular, the talent development program "PLATOS" enables individuals to select and take the training courses they need to challenge themselves at any time to reach the growth they envision.

※ PLATOS is a mechanism that supports the growth of each individual through work experience. It is the name of a talent development program that TMJ has independently constructed based on experiential learning since 2014, pronounced "Platos." It is an acronym for Planning, Training, On-the-Job Training, and Skill Check, adapted to cultivate the PDCA improvement culture that TMJ has as a strength.