Customer Support

Contributing to Customer Satisfaction and
Profitability through Customer Support

TMJ’s Customer Care Service includes inbound services such as customer support, follow-up calls, notification calls, swiftly responding to the customer’s needs, accuracy, and supporting company growth through the appropriate and effective handling of exchanges.

Customer Care Features

Outbound services to maximize LTV
and Customer care that will turn your customers into your fans.

It’s necessary for Customer Support to understand the client’s business, have a good CS mindset, be able to draw out the “real needs” of each customer through reliable communication skills, and perform operations that provide an A+ value.

For successful outbound work, operators with high communication skills make proposals tailored to each customer at the optimum timing. We are able to analyze customer feelings and insights based on customer and site visit history, site browsing behavior, past purchase history, etc. Our aim is to maximize LTV (Life Time Value).

Human Resource Development to deepen customer understanding

In order to draw out the needs of each customer and achieve optimal communication, we have incorporated training to deepen our understanding of the customer.

Social Style Training

Training for understanding your own character type and that of your counterpart, and matching the types in order to optimize customer exchanges.

Skill Training for Serving the Elderly

Understanding the characteristics of behavior and way of thinking of the elderly and acquiring the practical ability to respond to them in the best manner possible.

Using tools that support customer service quality

We analyze insights from customer purchase history, customer visit history, VOC, etc. and use them to improve actual customer service.

Analyze and share customer insights

Applying knowledge management tools to quickly identify and respond to customer feedback (VOC) and survey results.

Collection and utilization of VOCs by IVR

After responding to customers using the automatic voice questionnaire system, we conduct questionnaires in a “hot” state (critical) and use them for customer satisfaction surveys and response evaluations.

Customer Care Benefits

  1. Improving customer service value through appropriate response

  2. Customer Service improvement through responding to the true needs of the customer

  3. Increase sales by creating new sales opportunities

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