In 1992, TMJ branched out from the in-house call center of Fukutake Shoten Co., Ltd. (now Benesse Corporation) and became an independent company. The goal was to commercialize the operational skills, proficiency, and knowledge gained from nearly two decades of running an in-house call center.

Having abundance of know-how and experience of operating a call center for a subscription-based business, which was unprecedented at the time, helped TMJ grow and expand as a BPO company in Japan. TMJ has acquired its reputation of offering high quality services from various clients, including a major global company that was just entering the Japanese market, which continues to be one of the major attributes of TMJ today.

Currently, TMJ’s annual revenue exceeds 50 billion yen, and it operates for approximately 300 companies from a wide range of industries including finance, telecommunications, manufacturing and public services. In 2017, TMJ became a part of the SECOM group to build a stronger, more secured group network. In 2018, TMJ created the corporate mission, which is “to create a society where everyone can live comfortably through continuous dialogue and improvement”. TMJ thrives to continue to evolve and contribute to society through our clients’ businesses.

Began as an in-house call center of Fukutake Shoten Co., Ltd. (now Benesse Corporation).
Established as Telemarketing Japan, Inc. upon branching out from Fukutake Shoten’s “Shinken Zemi” Customer Service & Marketing Department
Obtained International Information Security Standard certification, “BS7799-2:2002”
Obtained Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification of the Conformity Assessment Scheme (ISMS Certification Standard Ver. 2.0)
Obtained PrivacyMark System certification.
Expanded “ISO / IEC 27001: 2005” and “JIS Q 27001: 2006” to the staff division.
Concluded a share transfer agreement and a business alliance agreement to transfer 40% of our issued shares between Benesse Corporation and Marubeni Corporation.
Acquired the “Telemarketing Enterprise” from com Partners Co., Ltd.
Strengthened and expanded the Back Office business.
Acquired “Temporary Staff”, “Charged Employment Introduction” and “Business Outsourcing” Enterprises from Parsons Co., Ltd.
Obtained “ISO 9001”.
Changed company name from “Telemarketing Japan, Inc.” to “TMJ, Inc.”.
Acquired BiOS, Inc..
Established Sapporo Third Center (Recruitment Lab).
Expanded “ISO / IEC 27001: 2013” and “JIS Q 27001: 2014” to subsidiaries (BiOS, Inc. and TMJP).
TMJ became a wholly owned subsidiary of SECOM Co., Ltd. and joined the SECOM Group.
Merged with SECOM Staff Service Co., Ltd.
Transferred Chinese subsidiary to Jinhui Technology Group and established strategic partnership.