Contributing to sales expansion by judging purchase probability with predictive models and detailed operations

TMJ's sales support service utilizes analysis technology that focuses on customer discourse to generate a high return on investment, such as sales promotion in acquiring new customers and bringing back dormant customers.

Sales Features

Outbound Sales to Improve Efficiency

Using analytics technology, we make purchase predictions such as "when, to whom, and what kind of products are likely to sell," and appeal to target customers to promote products. On the other hand, those who are expected to have a low purchase probability will not be applicable. Sales accuracy and efficiency are improved by driving better purchasing decisions based on advanced operational tactics.

Result Maximization Connection Optimization Tools

We assign the optimal call lists from over 5,600 combinations of acquisition rate, connection rate, operator skill classification, etc.

KPI Management that Leads to Goal Achievement

We set performance indicators such as productivity and service quality for each project, and conduct operational management and business improvement according to the numerical values..

Inbound Sales to Create Sales Opportunities

We predict individual needs based on customer behavior and past purchase history. Highly communicative operators make proposals tailored to each customer through appropriate dialogue.

Mechanism for Anticipating and Sharing Needs

Use knowledge management tools to quickly identify and respond to customer feedback (VOC) and findings

Human Resource Development with Strong Sales Force

Conduct training in how to understand your own personal type and that of the customer

Benefits of Sales

  1. Efficient acquisition of new customers

  2. Promotion at the optimal timing

  3. Increasing sales through profit centralization

TMJ Sales Support can Help Your Business with

New customer acquisition

Improving the quality of communication services by acquiring contracts

Life Insurance:
Medical Insurance Sales

General Insurance: Business Prospect Development Project

Increase sales from
existing customers

Following up on existing policy holders

Internet Upselling Promotion

Promotion of revolving payment utilization

Retaining and re-engaging
lapsed customers

Internet correspondence course

Cosmetics: Reactivation of Former Customers

Information Transmission: Reactivation of Resigned Customers

Inbound Sales

Consumer Electronics: Order Reception Center for Online Shopping Site.

PC Manufacturer:Online Retail Order Processing

Health Products: Mail Order Processing